15 POINTS FOR YOUR TIME!!! PLEASE HELP!!!Dara needs $180 to pay for a new bicycle. She has $30 already and saves $25 a week that she earns pet sitting.Use the Segment tool to plot a graph representing the amount of money Dara has saved from the time she begins saving until she has saved enough for the bike.

Accepted Solution

Total money needed to buy a new bicycle = $180 .Money she has already = $30.Saving of each month = $ 25.Let us make a table for total earning for different number of months.________________________________________Number of months         Total saving_________________________________________  0                                         $30.  1                                           30+25 = $55  2                                          30+2*25 = 30+50=  $80  3                                          30+ 3*25 = 30+75 = $105__________________________________________Let us plot points on the graph using those values in the table.We would take number of months by x-axis (horizontal axis) and Total saving by y-axis( vertical axis).From the graph, we can clearly see that for 6 months the total amount would be $180.Therefore, Dara need 6 weeks to save the $180 for new bicycle.