15 points!!! please help me figure this out I am so confused

Accepted Solution

Answer:   10a.  439   10b.  1253   11a.  linear   11b.  $37.23Step-by-step explanation:10. Put the numbers in the equation and do the arithmetic. For logarithms, a scientific or graphing calculator will be required. The first attachment shows the result for 2 years = 24 months.   920log(3) ≈ 439 . . . after 4 months   920log(23) ≈ 1253 . . . after 2 years___11. Your experience with taxis tells you the fare is usually based on time and distance and some fixed charge. That is, it is roughly linearly related to distance. Plotting these data points will tell you the same thing: a linear model is suitable.A graphing calculator or spreadsheet (or any of several web sites) can help you calculate the regression model. The second attachment shows my result:   fare ≈ $2.10 + 3.513×milesSo, for 10 miles, the expected fare is ...   $2.10 + 3.513×10 = $37.23_____Comment on these problemsIt is useful to learn to use your calculator's various functions. That can save you a lot of effort and angst.