Cam has a collection of ceramic chickens. 10% of the chickens were given to him as gifts, and he bought the rest himself. If 11 chickens were given to him as gifts, how many chickens does he have in total?

Accepted Solution

Hello! To find out the amount of ceramic chickens he has in total, we can write and solve a proportion. Set it up like this:

11/x = 10/100

This is because 11 was just the 10% given as gifts, and we are looking for the total amount. Cross multiply the values in order to get 1,100 = 10x. Divide each side by 10 to isolate the x. 1,100/10 is 110. Let's check. 110 * 10% (0.1) = 11. There. x = 110. Cam has 110 ceramic chickens total.