Pleasssss answer meElena plans to ride her bicycle 5 miles to a park and then ride several times around a loop in the park that is 3 miles long. Then she’ll ride the same way home. She wants to ride a total of at least 22 miles. The inequality 3t + 10 ≥ 22 models this situation, where t is the number of times Elena rides around the loop.Solve the inequality. How many times does Elena need to ride around the loop?A. 5 or more timesB. At most 4 timesC. At most 5 timesD. 4 or more times

Accepted Solution

The answer is D because if you plug in 4 as t, 12+10 is greater than it equal to 22. But she can still go 5 times around and still be greater. The 10 is in the problem because it took 5 miles to get there and 5 miles to get back!